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Corporate Social Responsibility

Nikita is committed to make a positive impact on the environment and its stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities and others. We are working with nonprofit organizations in Chennai (AIM for SEVA) and Haridwar (Maatranchal Kanya Vidhya Peeth) that are involved in exemplary work in social welfare and education.

As part of a CSR project with AIM for SEVA, our Group has funded the construction of a student home at Chilamathur (Andhra Pradesh), located near the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in Chittoor district. The student home was inaugurated in August, 2014 and has the capacity to house 30 boys on nearly 3000 square feet of built-up area.

The Group is also actively involved in the well-being of senior citizens who spend fag-end of their lifetime in the Old age homes. Anandam Old Age Home at Chennai is one among the well managed and decently run Old Age Homes, where the Group has extended financial assistance for its day-to-day activities, and Medical Camps for inmates.

Maatranchal Kanya Vidhya Peeth, Haridwar, is an institution that is involved in the noble endeavour of providing free accommodation, education and medical facilities for orphaned girls and girls from poor rural and tribal areas. Our group has partnered with this noble institution to support the annual expenses towards food, education, maintenance and upgradation of facilities. We are also contributing to the construction of a new school for Mathranchal at Kankhal, Haridwar. This school, when completed, aims to provide education and residential facilities for up to 300 girls from neighbouring villages in Haridwar as well as from the backward areas of Uttarakhand.

In addition to social welfare and education-centric initiatives, Nikita is also sensitive to the environment and strongly believes that as custodians of the earth, we need to be actively involved in protecting it. Nikita contributes to the environment in a humble way by producing wind power, thus enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint. Nikita is also taking baby steps towards helping raise awareness about rejuvenation of water bodies in small villages near its unit locations with the expert guidance of the Environmentalist Foundation of India (E.F.I), an organization that focuses on scientific revival of freshwater bodies through a community-based collaborative conservation effort.

Clarion Group has been extending helping hands to Kalvi Thunai, by renovating and adding facilities to create the infrastructure for their Project – School after School, for a strength of 150 deserving Students - like adequate Water Storage, additional Rest rooms and Lightings and Fans. School-after-School is one of the Projects of Kalvi Thunai, offering free education facilities to the students who undergo their schooling in Government Schools, who can attend and learn after the School hours.

Clarion Group continues to work with the management team of Kalvi Thunai to improve the educational facilities for their students.