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Cakes Tin Containers

Confectionery Tins– Cookies/Cakes – Nikita’s Confectionery Containers are designed to retain the original shape, aroma and taste. Available in elegant designs, vibrant prints and beautiful color combinations, its’ containers are widely used by cookies manufacturers. Its’ elegant heart shape containers form great choice available to the Brand Owners. This is ideal for gift or festival packs. Also available in round, rectangular and hexagonal options.

NCCKERD191DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 40mm - 80mm x (D) 191mm

NCCKERD175DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 40mm - 80mm x (D) 175mm

NCCKERD225DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 40mm - 80mm x (D) 225mm

NCCKESQ152X152 - Square Tin containers

(L) 152mm x (W) 152mm x (H) 30mm - 50mm

NCCKERD141DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 30mm - 90mm x (D) 141mm

NCCKESQ225X225 - Square Tin containers

(L) 225mm x (W) 225mm x (H) 40mm - 80mm

NCCKERD101DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 40mm - 70mm x (D) 101mm

NCCKERA225X135 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 225mm x (W) 135mm x (H) 40mm - 60mm