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Nikita embraces numerous competitive advantages that offer key support in maintaining its position as one of the leading manufacturers of tin containers in the Indian market. Our principal strengths that make our products stand-out are as follows:

  • The promoters possess four decades of experience and expertise in the tin containers industry

  • Ultra-modern fully automated 4th Generation printing line from the world’s best printing line manufacturer – Crabtree, UK

  • UV Chamber for quick and dust-free curing

  • Dust-proof and temperature controlled printing area to meet the safety and hygiene requirements of pharma companies’ products

  • Epoxy coated shopfloor ensures total hygiene for producing tin containers that are used to pack Medicines and High Value Jewellery

  • 70+ Power Presses installed for faster fabrication

  • Semi-automated Body Makers and more than a Dozen Seamers enable quick deliveries

  • 2 welding lines—Vima and Butterfly—enable manufacturing tins suitable to different requirements

  • Impeccable commitment towards quality

  • In-house Design Talent

  • Usage of Premium Grade Raw Materials

  • Experienced and Dedicated Workforce

  • Flexibility and variety

  • Competitive Cost

  • Fast and Efficient Customer Service

  • Adherence to international standards: ISO 9001 – 2015