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Perfumes Tin Containers

You can also choose from our wide range of decorative tin containers - printed or plain. These are known for their sturdy construction and impeccable finish. These containers are widely used by renowned perfume brands. Available in rectangular option.

NCPERSE090X045 - Semi Elliptical Tin containers

(L) 90mm x (W) 45mm x (H) 50mm - 150mm

NCPERSE078X030 - Semi Elliptical Tin containers

(L) 78mm x (W) 30mm x (H) 50mm - 110mm

NCPERRA070X040 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 70mm x (W) 40mm x (H) 40mm - 180mm

NCPERRD085DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 70mm - 310mm x (D) 85mm

NCPERRA080X040-27 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 80mm x (W) 40mm x (H) 27mm

NCPERRA130X110-27 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 130mm x (W) 110mm x (H) 27mm

NCPERRD088DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 70mm - 310mm x (D) 88mm

NCPERRA115X095 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 115mm x (W) 95mm x (H) 27mm - 50mm

NCPERRA135X095 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 135mm x (W) 95mm x (H) 35mm - 165mm

NCPERRA130X110-40 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 130mm x (W) 110mm x (H) 40mm

NCPERRA225X135 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 225mm x (W) 135mm x (H) 40mm - 60mm

NCPERRD38DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 50mm - 130mm x (D) 38mm