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Cosmetics Tin Containers

Nikita’s talcum powder containers are manufactured from superior quality raw material. Leveraging on designing facilities, they offer these containers with attractive patterns as required by the customers. Renowned Brands like Yardley, Z Talc, English Blazer, Supermax, etc are amongst our esteemed customers. Available in Semi-elliptical, round and oval options.

NCCOSEL090X045 - Semi Elliptical Tin containers

(L) 78 - 90mm x (W) 30 - 45mm

NCCOSRD055DIA - Round Tin containers

(D) 55mm

NCCOSRD101DIA - 27 - Round Tin containers

(H) 27mm x (D) 101mm

NCCOSOV050X025 - Oval Tin containers

(L) 50mm x (W) 25mm

NCCOSRD050DIA- 27 - Round Tin containers

(H) 27mm x (D) 50mm

NCCOSRD050DIA - Round Tin containers

(D) 50mm