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Tea / Coffee Tin Containers

Nikita’s range of Tea Caddies / Coffee tins offer un-paralleled Premium feel to the Products packed and ensure no loss of Aroma and Colour.

NCTEASQ075X075 - Square Tin containers

(L) 75mm x (W) 75mm x (H) 40mm - 165mm

NCTEARA135X095 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 135mm x (W) 95mm x (H) 30mm - 165mm

NCTEARD075DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 40mm - 230mm x (D) 75mm

NCTEARA225X135 - Rectangle Tin containers

(L) 225mm x (W) 135mm x (H) 45mm - 70mm

NCTEARD101DIA - Round Tin containers

(H) 30mm - 180mm x (D) 101mm